Friday, April 27, 2012

How to Capitalize on Women's Biggest Health Worries

Women and their health concerns loom large in public awareness these days. With the growing awareness that the sexes respond differently to traditional medicine comes an increased interest in natural health products for women--the group most often harmed by prescription drugs.

Because of that, women represent a lucrative opportunity for any marketer interested in natural health. A quick survey of online forums reveals some of the most popular health topics for women (listed here in alphabetic order). This list is by no means exhaustive:


Birth control

Body image

Breast health and diseases



Heart health



Mental health

Pregnancy and reproductive health

Sexual health

Weight control

Within this list are further breakdowns--by age (teen, young adult, middle age, postmenopause), ethnicity (to address the special health needs and concerns of different ethnic groups), education and income (because different socioeconomic groups respond differently to health-related messages), and so on.

The products and services a marketer can provide to fill these needs are virtually unlimited. Here's a short list to get you started:

--Dietary supplements

--Information products (e-books, print books, DVDs, educational courses, etc.)

--Beauty products

--Spa products

--Exercise clothing and equipment

--Teapots, tea infusers and other health food-related items

--A whole array of products for healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth, and breastfeeding

You'll need a professional copywriter to market to the various niches and sub-niches in this lucrative market. Be sure to choose one who has a deep passion for the natural health market and knows how to speak to women.

Lisa J. Lehr is a freelance copywriter specializing in direct response and marketing collateral, with a special interest in the health, pets, specialty foods, and inspirational/motivational/self-help niches. She has a degree in biology, has worked in a variety of fields including pharmaceuticals and teaching, and has volunteered for many causes including special-needs kids and literacy. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, art, music, outdoor exercise, and all things Celtic and Renaissance.

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